Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jack Chop!

Every year filmmaker Adam Green does a short film for Halloween. This year's short is a hilarious take off on the Slap Chop guy (the same guy who does the Sham Wow commercials in the off chance you haven't seen it).

 A slight personal side, I first met Adam a few years ago at a convention when he was promoting 'Hatchet'. At first I was wary. A guy younger than me already making a film. Damn him. Of course, as soon as I met him I couldn't help but like him. He is very nice, talented, and funny. And he does love his horror. How can you not like the guy? He also turned out to be very supportive. When I was shooting my film I was coming up with these fake things to hang up in the "police station". You don't really see them in the film (as is evident by the above still) but for my own sake I liked having them there. All of them were made up of friends. Adam has this picture of himself in a fake mugshot that I always thought was hilarious so I asked him if he wouldn't mind if I used it. Without hesitation he said yes. It was a long shoot day and it really helped having these there to bring a smile to my face.

Here is the latest Halloween short from Ariescope Pictures - 'Jack Chop!' Enjoy.


Jerry said...

I've never seen the commercial its a take on and I still found it hilarious.

Gory said...

I posted a link to the commercial if you want to see it.

Thanks for reading! :-)