Monday, July 26, 2010

Movie Of The Day - Shutter Island

SHUTTER ISLAND (2010) d: Martin Scorsese

It is no secret that while I may be outnumbered on this that I was no fan of Martin Scorsese's Academy Award winning film 'The Departed'. In fact, I think it is pretty horrible. But many of my friends think I am nuts for that. It also gets worse when I say that I think 'Gangs Of New York' is brilliant. That being said, I felt that Scorsese, whom I absolutely admire and lionize, is a filmmaker I was beginning to fear was moving past his golden era. That maybe his good days were behind him. While I felt that 'Gangs' was (and is) incredible that perhaps he had put so much into the film (I believe it took him like 25 years to have it made into a movie) and the lukewarm response it got might have made him doubt himself. His following films, for me anyhow, were pretty subpar. While I dislike 'The Departed', 'The Aviator' was decent albeit a mixed bag. Scorsese, a lover of the horror genre, decided to venture into genre territory with 'Shutter Island'. The main problem with the film is that I figured out the big twist almost immediately. Actually I was guessing what it was before I ever saw the movie. Not every last detail but the main aspect of it. So it never surprised me. In fact, it left me a bit let down. That being said, and upon a second viewing, I will say that this is Scorsese's best since 'Gangs of New York' in my opinion. While the big twist was no surprise for me I did appreciate the telling of the story. It is told well. And on my second viewing I really appreciated the unfolding of it and the technicalties of it. It is one amazing film visually. Scorsese knows when to speed things up and when to slow them down. The feel of the film is one of unease and nervousness. And Leonardo Dicaprio, who can be hit or miss with me, is excellent in this part of a US Marshall sent to Shutter Island, a hospital for the criminally insane located on an island, in search of a missing patient. Only he is hiding secrets of his own.

While the big surprise twist was no big surprise for me (although if it is for you then I think you will love this flick) it is still amazing how it unfolds and the look and feel just show how much of a master Scorsese is. This film holds up on the second viewing. In fact, I liked it a lot more on the second viewing. Which makes the knowing of the big twist insignificant and the sign of a great film. I'm glad Scorsese hasn't lost it. Just please no more 'Departed''s.


SgtPeppers said...

Scorsese is one of my all time favorite directors with Goodfellas being my favorite movie ever. I'm curious what you dislike so much about The Departed? I agree that Gangs is better but I think Departed is good to. I think I'm one of the few people who was surprised by the ending of Shutter Island. It crossed my mind as a possibility but so did several other things. I love Shutter Island. I've seen it 5 or 6 times now.

Ty said...

Good review! Shutter Island wasn't bad.

The best part of the movie is when Ben Kingsley is explaining everything to Dicaprio. Gotta love exposition. The worst\funniest part is when Dicaprio yells Nooooo!