Sunday, November 29, 2009

Movie Of The Day - Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan

Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan (1982) d: Nicholas Meyer

'Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan' to this day remains the best Star Trek film. I know everyone is going gaga over the recent J.J. Abrams version which is very entertaining and does rank among the best so far, but the mantle still lies with Wrath of Khan. It perfectly captures the best of Star Trek with the character interactions mixed with the sci-fi element and a fantastic villain portrayed by Ricardo Montalban. Ironically probably the lowest budgeted but the one that saved the franchise. The first film was a very high budget film and while successful was not a runaway blockbuster. In fact, if I am correct I believe this film was made for less than a third of the first film's budget. The studio didn't want to take the gamble on a second one unless they agreed to do it for so little money. Everything went into the story and it paid off spawning not only more films but several TV series. Most famous being 'Star Trek The Next Generation'. This film works even with people who are not overly familiar with the franchise. We will see if the current renditions will have a film on par with this one. It is a lot to ask for. It is off to a great start though but Wrath of Khan is just an entertaining film that works within the Star Trek universe so well. Plus where would so many online geeks be without their use of "Khan!!!' in their internet speak?

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