Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terror In The Aisles 3

Dishing out some info on an upcoming event here in Chicago. Movieside Film Festival is putting on Terror In The Aisles 3 at the Portage Theatre. They also put on the Music Box Massacre which is 24 hours of horror films. Terror In The Aisles is three or four films so it's not as much of the endurance test as the Massacre but it is just as fun. I was at the other two which featured John McNaughton (the director of 'Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer') and the Chicago premiere of 'Trick R' Treat' with director Michael Dougherty in person. This is the first one they're doing in December which is really cool as this time of year can be light on the horror fare so I am really excited.

This show is planning on outdoing the previous two by having three guests including 'Night of the Creeps' director Fred Dekker and a 10th anniversary celebration of 'The Blair Witch' project with director Edwardo Sanchez there. Plus the Chicago premiere of '[REC] 2'. I encourage everyone who wants to go to preorder your ticket. Not only to make sure you can get in but I know that if there are enough presales there is the possibility that one more guest could (and I stress could as it cannot be set in stone) be added. I have sworn not to say who but all I will say is that it would be totally awesome.

I hope to see everyone there!!

Here is the info:



Dec. 5, 2009 - $12 For A Night of Total Terror!

Pre-sale tickets @ now!


Portage Theater
4050 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641

Doors open at 7pm.

Show starts at 8pm.

(Midwest Premiere of the sequel to the
modern classic REC!)

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (director's cut)
with director FRED DEKKER in Person!

BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (10 year anniversary!)
with director EDUARDO SANCHEZ in Person!

Short films include:
TREEVENGE (A Chilling Tale of Christmas Gone Wrong!)

Also - Music by My Damn Butterfly & Modern Day Rippers,
vendor tables, vintage movie, trailers, prizes, auction for Vital Bridges
( surprises and more!!!

Co-Sponsored by

For more info go to:

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