Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movie Of The Day - The Music Man

THE MUSIC MAN (1962) d: Morton DaCosta

I love musicals. One of my favorites is Meredith Wilson's 'The Music Man'. It is such a sweet film and the music is just fantastic. There is an innocence and a purity when it comes to love and happiness and enjoyment of life that this film is filled with. It always leaves me with such a grin. Professor Harold Hill (played to perfection by Robert Preston) comes into River City, Iowa to swindle the folks of this quiet town into buying the idea of a boy's band which includes buying instruments and uniforms. In the process he brings a life to the town that it never had before. In turn he finds something in him that the swindler never had before thanks to the local librarian Marion (Shirley Jones). The music is great, the characters are fun, and it has such a heart. I hadn't watched it in a few years and I shouldn't let so much time pass again before watching it again.

Added story bonus: In one of my acting classes in college we had to pick a song to lip sync to and "perform" it. Everyone picked some pop song that they felt made them look cool or sexy. Yours truly picked a song from 'The Music Man'. It was evident that I was just trying to have fun and enjoy myself. Therefore I was the only one that got a round of applause not only from the class but the teacher herself. The song I performed was none other than "You Got Trouble".

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