Monday, October 12, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

This week sees the release of Sam Raimi's return to horror with 'Drag Me To Hell'. Some people initially complained about the PG-13 rating especially considering the 'Evil Dead' films. However, this film is meant to be more of a creepy tale along the lines of old Vincent Price movies as an example. There are some ew moments especially with some insects and vomit but it's something that young kids can watch. Afterall, don't we all deserve some stuff to watch when it comes to this time of year?

What I liked about this film is that it was a throw back to older horror films. It reminds me a lot of films like 'House On Haunted Hill' or 'House of Wax'. It's just a lot of fun. It's not the get under your skin type of scary that 'Paranormal Activity' is and not what the upcoming 'Saw VI' will be as far as violence. It has some creepy moments and a few good jumps but most of all it's just entertaining. This is where Raimi decided to go and I think it works.

The film stars the beautiful Alison Lohman as a bank worker who chooses to impress her boss by not helping an old woman who financially cannot afford to stay in her home. The old Gypsy woman decides to curse her causing her to be visited by demons attempting to, well, drag her to hell. She tries desperately to do whatever it takes to lift the curse.

Unfortunately it was released during the summer. If it came out now I think it would have done very well. With the new DVD and Blu-ray you can at least enjoy it at home. I think it's something that will appeal to people of all ages (not the wee ones but 12 and older) who just like a good scary flick. What better time of year? So give the film a chance. Is it 'The Evil Dead'? No. Nor should it be. Sam Raimi wanted to make a fun film with some scares that will appeal beyond us horror normies. I think he succeeded.

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Jerry said...

I've been too busy at work to stop at a Best Buy. I hope to get it by the weekend.