Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Even A Miracle Needs A Hand

A quick update.

I know I'm late on a few things but I've gotten very busy lately. So much so my mind feels like ... like the picture above. In fact I have two shoots (that's video shoots) this week and weekend. My Christmas movie lists will be turned into one list and I will get to it next week. I originally wanted to do several lists like I did for Halloween but I don't have time. Might be better this way though. I can be more specific with the picks.

Also in the works are the two big lists. The best of 2009 and the best of the decade lists. The best of 2009 won't be complete as there are many films I haven't seen which I think I will really like. The best of the decade list I'm pretty sure will stand as is. Although I am still finalizing it. So hopefully I can get these done and posted soon. If so it will be a miracle. But even a miracle needs a hand.

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Jerry said...

Yeah! I was looking forward to your multi Christmas lists but work is more important.