Monday, November 8, 2010

A Serbian Film Get US Release

I was wondering whether 'A Serbian Film' (which I wrote about here) would be released here in the US. Not to say I thought it wouldn't because of censorship. Moreso whether a distributor would have the testicular fortitude to release it and be able to handle the heat for it. I was informed by a friend over the weekend that it not only got a US release but will have a theatrical run from Invincible Films. A piece over at Dread Central has some of the details as well.

Apparently it'll get a limited release in an R rated form. Not sure how this film will get an R rating. I'm sure it can but it would have to be severely cut. Part of the power of the film is that it is 100% explicit. There will be a very limited run in its unrated form though. My guess is it'll be extremely limited since I don't know how many theatres will show the original version. Right now this is aimed for February of 2011 with a DVD (and hopefully Blu-ray) release of the uncut version to follow with even a showing of the R rated version on Showtime.

Having seen the film a few weeks ago at the Horror Society Film Festival, in what is I believe the only 35mm showing to date in the US of the film, I can honestly say the film has come up in so many conversations. People are both appalled and fascinated by it. A very powerful and well made film. Just one that goes to the extreme. Pretty soon those of you who can take it will be able to judge for yourself.

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