Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It's that time for another Thanksgiving. That means for some of us it's time for turkey, stuffing, and family. It can also be a time for some movies. If you're alone it's a way to pass the day. If you're with family it's a way to pass the day.

I decided to go through and pick out some films I think might make good Thanksgiving films. Some for specific reasons while others were just ... eh, why not? So for no real reason here are a few picks by me of films to watch this Thanksgiving.

We'll start off with the one that actually works the best.

PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES - One of the few films that actually uses the holiday of Thanksgiving as a backdrop. It's a hilarious and even touching film starring Steve Martin and John Candy from the late great genius John Hughes.

The rest are in alphabetical order.

BACK TO THE FUTURE -Nothing says family more than going back in time and interrupting the meeting of your parents. One of those films where the concept and the execution is just perfect. What can I say that you probably don't already know? A fun film that would be a nice escape this turkey day.

BAD TASTE - Peter Jackson's first film about aliens coming to Earth to turn humans into an international fast food snack. Sounds perfect for a day like this.

BURNT OFFERINGS - We all have our creepy relatives. Well, this one has creepy relatives and a creepy house to boot. It's the day for creepy family so why not check this one out. And I think I need to say creepy relatives one more time ...

THE EXPENDABLES - Maybe it's because it just came out on video but this fun throwback action film seems to fit. Let's face it, on a day like Thanksgiving we might be in the mood to watch some ass kicking.

FEAST - Ugly creatures that like to eat and have sex. No, I don't mean your uncle and his strange new bride. A group of folks trapped in a tavern fighting off some creatures with big teeth is pretty much exactly what most of us will be dealing with anyway. So why not watch it?

SALO - My one out there recommendation. The infamous film about school children who are kidnapped and then turned into slaves to do the most demeaning things imaginable including the most notorious scene from the film - poop eating. Can't be worse than dried turkey though.

I couldn't find the trailer so instead here is a small clip that makes no sense but ... yeah.

THE SEARCHERS - John Ford's tale featuring one of John Wayne's best performances as he tracks down his niece who has been kidnapped by Indians. A powerful western about family and prejudices.

THE STEPFATHER - It's family time so how about a movie about a crazy stepfather who has an extrememe sense of the perfect family. Check out the brilliant performance by Terry O'Quinn.

TETRO - Family are not exactly what we expect or what we hope. Here's a recent Francis Ford Coppola film that deals with that with a brother going to visit his long lost brother discovering the brother he had is not the person he's found. Like all family reunions.

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE -The ultimate family dinner scene? One of my favorite films so why not post this.

ZOMBIELAND -What is a day about eating massive amounts of food without mentioning zombies? There are so many to choose from but I decided to go with the recent horror comedy Zombieland which might be the perfect match after pigging out all day.

I have my own yearly tradition so I decided to end this post with it.

KING KONG - I think stemming back to when I was a kid and a local station would show King Kong every Thanksgiving it stuck with me and became my own tradition. Not that the film has a connection outside of that with the day of Thanksgiving but it's a personal connection which at the end of it is the key. I will be watching this while digesting my turkey and pumpkin pie thinking back to when I was a kid and that to me will make the day worthwhile.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Andrew Green said...

All lovely Thanksgiving selections for the whole family!

Sivan Nava said...

Too bad I only found your blog after Thanksgiving. What a great list! and i agree with many of them. The lack of Thanksgiving posts in other horror blogs has been dissapointing. If you have time, i'd love it if you checked out my blog :-)