Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doing Some EFX Tests

Going off a few tutorials from the amazing website VideoCopilot.net I did some playing around in After Effects. I'm doing tests for my new film 'Dark Light' (that I wrote about here). These are not effects related to the film itself. Just testing out various methods. These effects are just for fun. They aren't polished as they were each done in a little over an hour.

Using the above still picture I animated it to look like it was live footage from a helicopter. Plus a little added surprise.

This next one I used the same photograph but did a missile test. Plus a slight camera shake and zoom as the explosion happens. There is a lot at work in this one. I couldn't even begin to explain all of the different elements and layers at work here. But look at the above photo and then see everything added.

Elements used include Action Essentials 2 and Optical Flares from VideoCopilot.net, and Particular from Trapcode.