Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kill Bill, Grindhouse, Dark Crystal, and More

Some DVD news.

Looks like that long in the works edition of the unedited version of 'Kill Bill' will be coming on November 6. It will be a 4 disc set though extras haven't been announcened yet.

'Grindhouse' is sort of coming on September 18. Looks like Quentin Tarantino's extended cut of 'Death Proof' will hit DVD as it's own release while Robert Rodriguez's 'Planet Terror' is rumored to be out around the same time though no official word yet. Not sure what this means, if anything, about the theatrical released version ever seeing the light of day again.

'The Dark Crystal' is hitting DVD again this time in a long overdo 2 disc special edition. I saw this recently at a midnight show and am really excited about this set. 'Labyrinth' will also be coming out in a new 2 disc set as well. I need to double check but I believe both sets are due out in August.

John Boorman's thriller 'Deliverance' is coming out in a new 2 disc special edition on Spetember 19.

Martin Scorsese's brilliant 'Taxi Driver' is coming out in a new special edition. No word on extras but hopefully it'll include either a new commentary track or the excellent one from the old Criterion laserdisc.

On August 7 MGM will be releasing a new 2 disc special edition of the 1978 version of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'. The original DVD was a port over from the laserdisc and was not even anamorphic so this is exciting.

And finally, if you have a chance to see it I recommend catching the limited release of 'Daywatch' in theatres the sequel to 'Nightwatch'. It's only in a few theatres but luckily the DVD is rumored to come out on October 23. And once again, as with 'Nightwatch', the way they did subtitles is just as entertaining and creative as the films themselves.

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