Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone Gets Released

Today the iPhone by Apple is hitting the market. Much like the iPod, or the Mac, or any number of other Apple creations, I think it'll revolutionize a lot. What that will be we may not see for a few years to come. I would love to get one but the price tag is too much. Plus these new things are always buggy. I'll probably wait until (I can afford it) the third generation comes out. I am interested to see how they change the iPod. I wonder if the next generation of iPods will have the touch screen?

People are waiting in line to get one of these. It's amazing to me how people are getting excited over this. Like it was a new Playstation or 'Star Wars' movie. It'll be interesting to see what initial users think. But as I mentioned I think the exciting things will be what other things this will inspire in the future.

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