Sunday, December 19, 2010

Movie Of The Day - Colin

COLIN (2008) d: Mark Price

When it comes to the world of micro-budget filmmaking, which I am currently apart of myself, movies come and movies go. Technology has gotten to the point where anyone can go out and make a movie. Some people have a decent storytelling sense but lack the aesthetic to tell it effectively. Others have an interesting aesthetic but lack the knack for telling a story. And most, quite frankly, are just flat out bad. So when you come across one that is actually a good story and well done it does make you want to stop and take notice.

Enter Mark Price's film 'Colin'. The UK made film was supposedly made for around $70 relying mainly on favors from friends and colleagues. Shot with a small consumer camera and limited means filmmaker Mark Price devised the idea of telling the story of a zombie apocalypse from the viewpoint of someone who turns into a zombie. It is easy to nitpick a film that was made for almost no money on its shortcomings. Maybe it's because I'm part of that world as a filmmaker myself that I know you can't fault a filmmaker on things that most likely they had no control over. What I look for are the above notions as to whether they can tell a story and how well they can tell it. Well, Mark Price knows how to tell a story and tell it with some very wonderful shots. My main beef is the fact that there is a lot of shakycam in the film but it is done in spots to help hide certain things so I can let it slide. What  surprises me about the film is there are a few really great emotional moments. Something you never find in films on this level.

The world of the micro-to-no-budget film is one that is littered with too many films which leave much to be desired. So when one comes along from a filmmaker that I believe has a very strong future ahead of him and told and made well then it deserves my praise and admiration.


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