Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Want My Cake!!!

Out today is the Blu-ray of George Romero's 'Creepshow'. One of my all time favorite films. I can't wait to dive in and see it in HD. I hope the transfer is good. The DVD of it was decent but had some shaky frames and a lot of dirt. Granted with some of the processed shots with the animation and whatnot there will be dirt because of how it was done and outside of a major (and expensive) restoration will always be there. In some of the other scenes though there was a lot of it. Hopefully it's been cleaned up a bit. Although I hope it doesn't have any unnecessary digital enhancements such as edge enhancement. I'll take the dirt over that. 
Unfortunately it doesn't come with any  extras outside of the trailer. I love having the trailer. It's amazing how some discs, which claim to be special editions, never have the trailer on there. Unless there is some rights issues (like with music) then please always include the trailer(s). 
That being said the lack of extras is amazing. Especially considering the incredible extras that Red Shirt Pictures did for the 2 disc special edition Region 2 DVD. Not only did it have a commentary track featuring George Romero and Tom Savini but also a great documentary. It's a shame none of this is on there as I'm sure it could have been included. Looks like I won't be tossing out that DVD just yet. For those of you that can play R2 discs then by all means get a copy of it. It's worth it.

I'll be back once I watch it with how it looks. At the very least I hope they did a good job with the transfer.

UPDATE: Having watched it I will say the transfer is pretty decent. It's very clean and some of it has some greater detail. I noticed it most with 'Something To Tide You Over' and 'The Crate'.  Other parts looked a little soft. Not sure if it's how it was shot or not. Depending on what lens you use on the camera that can make an overall softer picture. So I can't say for sure if that is just the way it is. I'd say outside of a full on restoration though this is about as good as the film will look. At least for right now. The audio hasn't been remixed for 5.1. It's the same as it is on the DVD. A basic 2.0 surround mix. And of course the missing extras. And I do say missing because they do exist. Too bad they couldn't have been included. If you love the movie though I'm sure you'll pick it up like I did.

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