Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Defense Of The Zombie

At first I was annoyed by the way a lot of people were dumping over 'Halloween II' even without seeing it. But now I'm actually entertained but how far out of their way people are going to bash it. Almost makes me enjoy the movie more to know it annoys people so much. I knew most fans weren't going to like it since most fans didn't like the first film. What is surprising is how much they are waiting in line to piss on it. Not really sure why. The movie came out. You didn't like it. Or chose not to see it. You posted your opinion. Move onto the next film. But the utter hatred from people is baffling to me. As I said before though now I'm just more entertained by it.

I actually liked the first 'Halloween' film. One of the few people that seemed to. It doesn't replace the original for me which is not only a classic but one of my favorite films. I just liked the ferocious nature of it. Same thing with the second one. I liked it for what it was. The ferocious nature of Rob Zombie is either off putting to some or they like the in your face way he approaches violence. Some people feel his white trash, ultra swearing, overly sex talk is tiring and dumb. And that may be for most people. Sometimes that will work as in the case of 'The Devil's Rejects' or it can not work as a lot of people felt it doesn't in the two 'Halloween' films. It doesn't bother me. I do feel some of the dialogue is forced but I've seen so many films where characters sit around and talk about nothing in the worst dialogue ever forever. At least Zombie's dialogue scenes are fairly short. My main point is that he has these areas that he likes to stay as a screenwriter and filmmaker and in some films they will work and in others they won't. But you know going in pretty much what to expect so I'm not sure why people are so angry. I guess it has been awhile since people had a movie or a celebrity to jump all over. Sorry Rob. I guess right now it's you.

Anyway, my other point is about the box office. Everyone is going on and on over 'H2' coming in third place at the box office while 'The Final Destination' came in first. Yay! Rob Zombie lost! The movie tanked!! Let's all dance on the grave!!! Hold on their Charlie. The truth is an all around different situation.

Yes, FD came in first with an approximately $28 million opening weekend but it also cost $40 million to make. This is before advertising and other costs. Now this is still a very good opening. I'm not knocking that. The only problem is by the time it leaves theatres (which I suspect both films will be gone in a matter of a few weeks) it will need to bring in a lot more to just break even. Granted with overseas box office and of course video I am sure the profit margin will be hit eventually. Just might take a lot longer.

H2 came in third place with an approximately $17 million opening weekend. Behind Quentin Tarantino's fantastic 'Ingluorious Basterds' in its second week of release. I'm reading a lot about how everyone is saying that H2 is a dud, a flop, because it did not come in over FD. Slight problem here. H2 had a production budget of around $15 million. Almost a third of FD. This does not include advertising and other costs as well. In its opening weekend it has already made back its production cost. If H2 can make close to $35 million at the US box office before video then it will be a successful film. Maybe not a blockbuster but still a modest hit. FD needs to make closer to $70 million before the same can be said.

While people are jumping up and down over the third place outing of Rob Zombie's latest they really need to reevaluate the situation. They may not like the film for whatever reason and that is their choice. But the victor in this at the end of the day will be H2. Maybe not in the eyes of the fans and the press but definitely in the eyes of the studio.

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