Friday, July 27, 2007

'Grindhouse' DVD Details

Some of the specs are finally coming out for 'Grindhouse'. Though as of right now it looks like both films will be released seperately. I also don't see anything on the trailers that played between the two films. These are either not the final specs or a larger set is still coming.

'Death Proof' comes out September 18th with an extended cut featuring 30 extra minutes plus:

Finding Quentin's Gals

The Guys of Death Proof

Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike

Introducing Zoe Bell|

Quentin's Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke

Double Dare trailer

International Poster Gallery

On October 16th we get 'Planet Terror' with extra footage and these extras:

Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Robert Rodriguez

International trailer

Deleted Scenes

Cooking School

10-Minute Film School

The Stunts

The Make-up and Effects

The Badass Babes

The Renegade Guys

The Costumes

The Production Design

Like with other Rodriguez DVD's the 'Planet Terror' disc looks packed. The 'Death Proof' one seems decent if not a little light. I still have a feeling there will be a big box set coming. I just hope they announce it before these hit the shelves.

*Note: the above picture is not the DVD cover.

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